Question Everything

Not in an X-Files kind of way, although in these times that could also apply. But more in a “what are you taking for granted?” kind of way. Shake your head, so to speak – and see what falls loose in the process.

Questions are a fundamental element of coaching, and I will never fail to be astounded at the results they provoke. Truly – a well placed question can stop you in your tracks and reset an entire dialogue/worldview for the client, especially powerful when it’s a part of the flow and not part of an agenda. What are you feeling right now? Why are you holding on to it? What does this mean to you? Where are you now? When are you happiest? What what the world look like if you did THIS instead of THAT?

So. Many. Questions!

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Is Coaching for you?

(a baker’s dozen questions)

If you answer yes to any of these, we should talk!
1. Do you want to find a purpose? A passion?
2. Do you need clarity in an area (or areas!) of your life? Your career?
3. Do you want to accomplish goals more quickly? Projects? Objectives, whether professional and personal?
4. Do you want to know more about yourself, and how you are present in the world?
5. Are you feeling confused, overwhelmed or stuck?
6. Are you interested in making fewer bad decisions, and learning from your mistakes? In making fewer mistakes and recovering more quickly from them?
7. Do you want to reduce your levels of stress, worry or anxiety?
8. Do you want to set better goals that can motivate you in positive and healthy ways?
9. Does the idea of moving ahead to the next level in your career or personal life get you excited?
10. Does enjoying your work more or making more money sound like a great idea?
11. Do you want to cultivate more meaningful relationships? Do you want to become more influential and effective in your relationships with other people?
12. Do you want a life, not a lifestyle?
13. Do you know what’s holding you back, keeping you down or making you unhappy? Do you know how to effectively manage whatever it is?

Coaching can make a real difference

Let’s start today