getting started

Getting Started

Shut your eyes for a second. Just a second.

Think about yourself, and your life. Your career.

Your family.

Your goals and dreams.

Your happiness.

Sit with it. Be with it. Soak in it, good and bad alike.

Most of us don’t do this often enough – we run on automatic, usually in stress- mode. But the most powerful results come from being conscious and making conscious choices.

Are you where you want to be? Anything need a nudge in different direction? Maybe more than a nudge?

Anywhere that you’re stuck or trapped? Anything that you’re avoiding, or fear taking on?

Anything you want to change?

I can help you make that change

That’s the power of coaching. Together, we can get clarity on what your individual success looks like, and build a map to get you there. We can identify roadblocks and saboteurs that are in your way, and then kick them to the curb so you can move forward towards whatever matters most. We can put YOU back in the driver’s seat when it comes to your life and career.

Shut your eyes again, and think of that.

What does living your best life look like to you?

Discovery Session

Hesitant? On the fence? Think that coaching is great and all, but not for you? I get it – no harm, no foul.

How about this: Let’s book a sample coaching session, where you can experience a one on one discovery session and learn more about how the power of coaching can make a difference in your life and career. Up to an hour of real coaching, tailored to you – with no obligation and no charge! That’s how confident I am that coaching can make a difference for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Book ‘em!

I’m a trained Life Coach (The Coaches Training Institute, Co-Active method) with a decades long background in corporate Human Resources – I’ve worked with people of all ages and all levels to help them meet (and beat!) their goals. Confidentiality is paramount, as are honesty, respect and integrity.

I work with you one on one either over the phone or on Skype, with each session lasting a full hour. Each client begins with a free Discovery Session, moving forward from there as we explore and develop your personal or professional goals. We’ll set metrics for progress, and stretch you more (and more willingly!) than you’ve ever stretched before.

I’m all about options – you can book a single session or a package, depending on what makes the most sense for you. I offer packages of 3, 5 or 10 sessions (with a bit of a discount to sweeten the deal even more).

Take the first step towards something better. Whether you’re getting back on track or just figuring out what the damn track looks like, I’m ready and at your side.

Corporate Session

Wait a minute – you’re telling me that coaching can impact a workplace just as powerfully as it can impact an individual?

I sure the heck am!

In fact, the strength of coaching can make any number of positive differences in a company’s bottom line:
• Increase employee satisfaction and engagement
• Decrease turnover rates
• Align individual growth with corporate needs
• Amplify the strengths of teams and increase efficiencies
• Decreasing the frequency of (and volatility of) workplace conflicts
• Turn around performance problems
• Boost productivity
• Strengthen succession planning
• Diffuse/defuse hostile workplaces
• And more!

I work one on one with employees to help them become better/stronger/ faster, assisting them in becoming a powerful manager and leader. I can help you get promoted, and plan for the role after that!
I work with teams, to create and maintain a unified and cohesive unit focused on shared goals and metrics. We are stronger together than apart.

I work with organizations to build meaningful and realistic coaching cultures from the ground up. I can help your company manage organizational changes of all kinds positively and confidently. I can help you bring your business to the next level, whatever that looks like – without sacrificing your vision, mission and goals or what makes you YOU.
Contact me today to learn how I can help you make your staff and your workplace the very best it can be!

Let’s start today

Jeff gives back

Coaching is so important and so powerful that I want to bring it to the world at large – to those who may benefit it but might not know how to or be able to access it. I build a limited number of special bookings into my monthly calendar – if you think you could benefit from coaching but aren’t sure that you can afford the rates and/or commitment, contact me and let’s talk!