Who is Jeff Co?

I’m Jeff – coach, guide and founder of JeffCo. I’m a CTI trained Coach, working with both corporate and individual clients to help them level up from wherever/ whatever seems to be holding them back.

My professional background has a bit of everything in it – working in hospitalities, group homes and assisted living residences, software development and services and marketing/advertising. The common element of all of these roles was Human Resources – how to bring out the best from staff with a focus on their happiness, growth and productivity. Energized, focused and loyal employees benefit everyone – employee, company and client alike!

I built a solid career in HR, and loved my work. But increasingly often I found myself working with clients in areas around growth and development – getting ‘unstuck’, so to speak. This process of exploration and clarification allowed my staff more powerful choices while breaking through to the next level of competence and excellence. Coaching and counseling gave my internal clients new direction and opportunities, and gave ME life.

This realization was a catalyst, causing me to split my focus in two: Corporate Coaching (maximizing individual and team development in the workplace) and Personal/Life Coaching (enabling breakthroughs through self-discovery, development & realization).

What is best in life?

Seeing my clients connect to goals, drive and vision. Facilitating growth and understanding as you move past roadblocks to find new and better ways to get what you want/where you want to go. Assisting you in leveling up as you progress in your career and life.

Helping you get unstuck and feeling good about it all. No, feeling GREAT about it.

You deserve it.

Jeff Plotnikoff